Who We Are

Marina Electrical Equipment’s inception stems from over 60 years of combined industry experience. The same founding members of Marina Electrical Equipment also established Sea Technology in 1984 and acquired the first U.S. patent on consolidating all marina utilities into one neat package, the “Docksider” power pedestal in 1987. Within three years of its introduction, the “Docksider” became the leader in the power pedestal market.

Marina Electrical Equipment

In 1990, our founding members started Marina Power and Lighting, Inc. and introduced the “Lighthouse” power pedestal, which quickly became the market leader, and within only a few short years became the most popular power pedestal in the United States and Caribbean.

Marina Electrical EquipmentNotable industry firsts include:

  • First to incorporate downward facing lighting to illuminate the dock, without interfering with boater navigation at night.
  • First to include back-lit receptacle faceplates to assist the boater with night-time shore power connection.
  • First to introduce solid-state electric monitoring in a power pedestal.
  • First to offer wireless remote monitor reading in a marina.
  • Designed and manufactured the first dual-phase transformer within a single unit.
  • Designed and produced the first “Power Point” Mega-Yacht Unit.
  • First to offer complimentary electrical designs.

Very few advances have been made to our original product designs from the 1980’s and ‘90’s to keep up with the changes and demands of the marine industry. This gave us the incentive to return to the marina power equipment industry with new ideas and new innovations. We are dedicated to continuing our long-standing history of designing and building the safest and most functional weatherproof electrical equipment in the business. We look forward to serving our customers and building lasting relationships in the process.