GTX Super Yacht Center Substation

GTX Super Yacht Center Substation


As the size of the mega and super-yachts increase, so do the power requirements. The GTX Super Yacht Center Substation is the ideal solution for marinas looking to accommodate yachts of any size range and power requirements. Multiple voltages can be supplied from a single unit which reduce wiring and equipment costs, and provides the necessary versatility required by today’s super-yachts.

Standard Dimensions: 48″ H 65″ W 39″ D

Standard Features:

  • Intertek-ETL Listed, tested in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories-1062 standards, CAN/CSA Standard C22.2 No.31-10, NFPA 303 & Underwriters Laboratories-231 standards, CAN/CSA Standard C22.2 No.29
  • Rugged, long-lasting stainless steel NEMA 3RX main housing.
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty.
  • Highest quality twist-lock receptacles.
  • Highest quality 100-amp pin and sleeve receptacles (when 100-amp receptacles are selected).
  • Industry-trusted 200-amp pin and sleeve receptacles (when 200-amp receptacles are selected).
  • Rugged and versatile cam-lock hardwire single pole pin and sleeve devices (when selected).
  • Time-tested, market-trusted circuit breakers and interior panelboards/bussing.
  • “Take-Apart” construction offering 360 degree access with “drop-off” access panels.
  • Four photocell-controlled LED light fixtures with fuse protection
  • Up to 800A, 480V 3-Phase primary terminal block (Custom Ampacities Available – Consult Factory for details)
  • Custom Ampacities Available – Consult factory for details.
  • Clean-looking flush-mounted access panels.
  • Ultra-efficient dry-type isolation transformer(s) for single or multiple voltage outputs.
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Optional Features:

  • Receptacle Options:
    • 20A, 125V Duplex GFCI.
    • 20A, 125V L5-20R Twist-Lock Shorepower.
    • 30A, 125V L5-30R Twist-Lock Shorepower.
    • 50A, 125V SS-1 Twist-Lock Shorepower.
    • 50A, 125/250V SS-2 Twist-Lock Shorepower.
    • 100A, 125/250V Pin and Sleeve Shorepower.
    • 100A, 125/250Y Pin and Sleeve Shorepower.
    • 100A, 480V Pin and Sleeve Shorepower.
    • 200A, 480V Pin and Sleeve Shorepower.
    • Hardwire Cam-Type Connectors (up to 690A at 480V) with electric safety interlock (first-make, last break)
    • Ground fault protected circuit breakers.
    • Dual phase isolation transformers.
    • Primary and Secondary section interior panelboards
    • Solid-state electric monitoring for sub-metering kWH consumption.
    • Wireless NUCORE™ remote meter reading.
    • Ground Fault Monitoring at each slip (patented).
    • ¾” IPS ball valve hose bibs.
    • Hose bib vacuum breakers.
    • Water metering.
    • Phone, Cable TV, and/or Data ports
    • Amber or Clear Polycarbonate Lenses.

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GTX Super Yacht Center Substation