Anchorage SS


Power Outlet Panel Model AN3050

The “Anchorage SS” is a utilitarian-grade surface mount power outlet panel designed for commercial or industrial marinas and boatyards. The defining feature of this unit is its integral 100-Amp 120/240V or ring-type utility meter socket for use with utility-style glass kWH meters.

Standard Dimensions: 24.56” H 11.25”W 9.98” D

Standard Features:

  • Intertek-ETL Listed, tested in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories-231 standards, CAN/CSA Standard C22.2 No.29 and NFPA 303.
  • Rugged, long-lasting stainless steel NEMA 3RX main housing.
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty.
  • Extra-wide receptacle faceplate for easier plug-in.
  • Highest quality receptacles and circuit breakers.
  • Patented pivoting faceplate assembly, which simplifies installation and field-maintenance tasks such as replacing circuit breakers and receptacles.
  • Photocell controlled LED Light fixture with fuse protection.
  • 100-Amp rated 4-jaw ring-type or utility meter socket & seal for glass-type kWH meter (single feed only – loop-feed not available).
  • Lockable polycarbonate weatherproof door which shield the receptacles and circuit breakers from the elements while in use (as required by NFPA 303 and NEC Article 555).

Optional Standard Features:

  • Receptacle Options:
    • 20A, 125V Duplex GFCI.
    • 20A, 125V L5-20R Twist-Lock Shorepower.
    • 30A, 125V L5-30R Twist-Lock Shorepower.
    • 50A, 125V SS-1 Twist-Lock Shorepower.
    • 50A, 125/250V SS-2 Twist-Lock Shorepower.
    • 100A 125/250V Glass Ring- Type KWH Meter
  • Ground fault protected circuit breakers.
  • Extra pre-wired circuit breakers.

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