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Sentinel Ground Fault Panel


MEE’s Sentinel Ground Fault Panel detect dangerous ground leakage currents in marina shore power electrical systems and fulfill the latest publication of NEC Article 555.3 entitled “Ground Fault-Protection.” All models are factory pre-set from 5mA to 5A based on customer and/or project requirements. All models feature rugged water-tight NEMA 4X rated nonmetallic enclosures, with test and reset buttons, and power and alarm LED pilot lights for unmistakable indication of a ground fault event.

Function of the Sentinel Ground Fault Panel

In a typical marina application, the secondary of the marina distribution transformer provides grounded 120/240 VAC or 208Y/120 VAC power to the power pedestals. When monitoring the main feeder, the Sentinel Ground Fault Panel will be connected to a Current Transformer (CT), which is placed around the NEUTRAL to GROUND main bonding jumper (if applicable) or all “HOT” conductors, plus the NEUTRAL conductor.

NOTE: the GROUND conductor is not placed through the CT. This will allow the control panel to detect all AC ground faults downstream of the CT, including any leakage current between the transformers and wiring to the power pedestals, and/or to any connected boat(s). Once the specified alarm leakage threshold has been detected, the device will illuminate the red LED pilot light and/or interrupt the circuit if connected to a shunt-trip circuit breaker.

Standard Dimensions: 12.59″ H 10.09″ W 7.635″ D

Standard Features of Sentinel Ground Fault Panel:

  • UL508A Listed
  • Satisfies NEC Article 555.3 entitled “Ground-Fault Protection”
  • Ground fault monitoring/circuit interrupting for marina shore power systems
  • Real-Time display of current leakage on system
  • Pre-set to alarm/trip values from 5mA to
  • 5A current leakage to ground
  • Options available for single feeder monitoring and multiple-circuit branch monitoring
  • NEMA 4X rated, non-metallic lockable enclosure
  • NEMA 4X GREEN Power/System Safe LED pilot light on front
  • NEMA 4X RED Fault Alarm LED pilot light on front for indication of ground fault
  • NEMA 4X TEST/RESET pushbutton on front
  • Dry contact outputs for connection to 120VAC shunt trip circuit breaker (for circuit interruption).

Optional Features of Sentinel Ground Fault Panel:

  • Single Channel, 120/240V, 208Y/120V or 220Y/127V (Main Feeder Monitoring/Interrupting)
  • Single Channel, 480Y/277V or 480V Delta (Main Feeder Monitoring/Interrupting)
  • Multiple Channel, 120/240V, 208Y/120V, 220Y/127V 480Y/277V or 480V (Branch Monitoring/Interrupting) – Requires individual CT per channel
  • NEMA 4X Audible Alarm
  • Factory wired/assembled within/to panelboards service disconnects and/or enclosed shunt-trip circuit breakers – consult factory

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