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LiftPower LP30 Remote Boatlift Control


MEE wireless boat lift control system with handheld remote transmitter allows operation of boat lifts from any location up to 500’. Over-current protection is provided via easy-access fuse holders on the incoming lines and low voltage control systems, meeting UL 508A specifications. The rolling code system, at 433.92 MHz, offers protection and minimizes interference from other radio systems. Manual control, leveling, wireless system disconnect, and limit switch override provided through simple on-unit controls.

Over-current protection is provided via easy-access fuse holders on the supply and secondary side of the transformer, meeting UL 508A industrial control panel specifications.

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  • 30 Amp Contactors
  • Wireless Receiver with 2 transmitters with up to 500 ft. range
  • Continuous or momentary Up/Down/Stop switch with 3 second delay for motor longevity
  • Manual Up/Down/Stop Switch with 3 second delay
  • Limit switch connections for auto-run systems with limit switches
  • Polycarbonate enclosure, with stainless steel panel and door to resist the elements
  • Level switch/switches for 2 motors units
  • Internal light to display control buttons in low light scenarios
  • ON/OFF switch for control power
  • Lockable enclosure for increased security
  • Manual contactor selector for momentary leveling control and limit switch bypass for high/low/storm water scenarios
  • Multi-rated transformer

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 12 in


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